Tax Advisory & Compliance Services

As one of India’s leading accounting and advisory firms, we specialize in tax advisory and compliances.

Globalization of the Indian corporate world has been a key driver in the harmonization of accounting practices in financial disclosure norms. Shareholding patterns in Indian corporates are evolving to strategic investors, private equity investors, and foreign institutional investors, demanding transparent financial statements.

  • Consultancy on Direct and Indirect taxation.
  • Handling the grass root level execution of a vast range of tax requirements.
  • Covering diverse statutes.

At Kreston SNR, our skilled team monitors and attends to all the compliance requirements of our clients with respect to provisions of Indian Tax Laws along with tax planning and advisory.

The profound tax-related expertise of our team helps us offer effective advisory services in the following areas:

Income Tax Advisory

Our Direct Tax Team handles all aspects of direct taxation for clients. It includes services related to regular compliances, tax assessments, tax advisory, structuring and investment strategy, due diligence, and litigation.

Our Tax Specialists offer services that successfully align all the different areas of taxation into a benefit-driven strategy that is reflected favourably in various financial parameters. Our team advises taxpayers on issues related to business restructuring, setting up new units, withholding taxes, royalty, and fees for technical services, transfer pricing, and contracting.

Here is a brief glimpse of our Income Tax Advisory Services:

  • Computation of taxes and filing of corporate and non-corporate tax returns
  • Filing of withholding tax returns
  • Filing of other annual declarations and forms
  • Obtaining certificates for lower deductions for resident and non-resident taxpayers
  • Obtaining tax-exemption registration for NGOs

At Kreston SNR, we specialize in providing clients with specific tax planning techniques tailored to meet their specific requirements and optimize their tax incidence while minimizing the risk of litigation.

Our Domestic Tax Advisory Services include:

  • Suggesting legal structure of business entities
  • Outlining a transactional advisory – optimal deal structure
  • Tax due diligence
  • Withholding Tax Advisory as to the applicability of TDS
  • Advising clients on the establishment of a Tax Compliance Management System
  • Conducting studies to ensure full tax benefits of available incentive provisions

Our top-notch services in this domain include:

  • Cross-border tax structuring while considering issues arising out of tax treaties
  • Tax and payroll compliance of expatriates
  • Advising on the taxability of foreign companies in India
  • Drafting/vetting agreements, such as International Contracts, Collaboration Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, and more
  • Advising on inbound and outbound investments

As a pioneer in the field of business advisory services, our approach has been to build a case from the first level of litigation to the higher courts to ensure a uniform strategy with relevant evidence to support the positions taken by the taxpayer. Our team handholds clients during investigations by tax authorities.

Additionally, we offer the following services:

  • Handling faceless tax assessments, including review of documentation, preparation of appropriate responses before tax authorities
  • Handling faceless appeals before the Commissioner (Appeals & Appellate Tribunal, ITAT)
  • Representing foreign companies before the Authority for Advance Ruling (AAR)

Our skilled and professional team walks you through the following:

  • Formulation of transfer pricing policies
  • Advisory on maintenance of relevant transfer pricing documentation
  • Preparation of Transfer Pricing Study Reports with Ace TP (for Indian companies database) and D & B (for international companies database)
  • Country by country reports and master File
  • Representation before various authorities

Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Our expert team handles all aspects of GST for clients. These include providing services relating to regulatory compliance, tax assessments, tax advisory, departmental audits, departmental inquiries, structuring of transactions, due diligence, and litigation.

Here is a brief glimpse of services provided by our firm under GST:

  • Obtaining registrations
  • Carrying out end-to-end GST compliances, extracting relevant data from books of accounts, reviewing data, analyzing eligibility of input tax credits, processing monthly tax returns, preparing reconciliations with books, and sharing Compliance MIS with management.
  • Periodic and annual compliances
  • Assistance for yearly GST audits and credit reconciliations
  • Complete assistance for GST inquiries and assessments, including representation before the Tax Authorities
  • Preparation of application for obtaining advance ruling and representation before the Authority for Advance Ruling/ Appellate Authority of Advance Ruling
  • Drafting replies to show-cause notices and appeals, including representation before Adjudication and Appellate Forums
  • Drafting, filing, and processing of refund claims, such as refund of unutilized credits in case of export of goods/ services, refunds in case of inverted duty structure, refunds in case of export with payment of tax, etc.
  • Conducting Health Check/Credit Reviews to identify planning opportunities and optimize the overall GST incidence
  • Carrying out detailed compliance reviews covering the tax incidence, input credit eligibility, and overall compliance with GST provisions and providing a compliance status report to management on a periodical basis.
  • Providing transaction-specific advisory services on various issues considering the GST law and jurisprudence on the subject in the form of written opinions
  • GST advisory services on all matters, including stock transfers, classification, valuation, input tax credits, registration requirements, ISD, refunds, export benefits, cross charges, job work, reverse charge mechanism, and more.
  • Conducting training for clients

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