Environmental, Social & Governance

At Kreston SNR, we dedicate our efforts to help our clients decarbonize the world through green initiatives. We understand that ESG is not just about climate change and global warming. It’s more about achieving social equity and environmental integrity. Apart from meeting the important objectives relating to Environment and Social cause, we believe that ESG Compliance and Reporting while creating a good public relations story for an organisation build a stronger corporate brand.

Need for Sustainable Reporting and BRSR

  • The BRSR is an initiative toward ensuring that investors have access to standardized disclosures on ESG parameters.
  • The SEBI press release said the BRSR will be applicable to the top 1000 listed entities (by market capitalization) for reporting on a voluntary basis for FY 2021 – 22 and on a mandatory basis from FY 2022 – 23.
  • Proven effects include smoother operations, positive morale, and market enthusiasm for the ethical stance of the company. Making investments in ESG can produce positive results beyond solid financial performance.
  • ESG Compliance and Reporting creates a good public relations story and helps in building a stronger corporate brand.
  • A robust ESG program can open up access to large pools of capital. Fund managers use ESG considerations to identify risks and opportunities that could affect a firm's long-term sustainability.
  • Many Corporates put ESG Compliances as a precondition to business relationships and tie-ups.
  • Government is likely to provide incentives to businesses in the form of subsidies and differential interest rates for achieving ESG goals and committed by our Prime Minister at the COP 21 summit.

Environmental policies and practices attract more customers, allow better access to resources, lower energy and water consumption, and reduce operational costs. It helps in building a better brand image and customer loyalty.


Sustainable practices lead to greater social credibility, attract talent, boost employee morale, improve productivity and build stronger community relations.


Governance practices may lead to government support, subsidies, overcoming increasing regulatory pressure, and better investor relations, e.g., in the form of better loan conditions or lower capital costs.

There are multifold benefits for companies to invest in the development and implementation of robust ESG strategies. A strong ESG proposition can help create enormous business value across the enterprise.
Businesses can develop ESG Strategies that achieve net-zero and circularity goals in compliance with 2050 targets. Also, they can remain profitable while maintaining access to financing through banks and capital markets.

Blessing from Guruji for the inititive

There is a spiritual relationship between environment, social & governance (ESG) required for peaceful coexistence. ESG will grow & become a guiding principle to build a sustainable & beautiful planet. The ESG initiative of Kreston SNR deserves all the support.

Our ESG Services

ESG Assessment

  • ESG Due Diligence
  • Gap Assessment
  • Materiality Assessment
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Review and evaluation of existing policies
  • Reportings based on Global Frameworks: PRI, SDG, IFC, TCD, GRI,

ESG Framework Development

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Data capturing modules for ESG Performance
  • ESG Policy & Environment and Social Management Systems (ESMS)
  • Capacity Building – Training and Workshop

ESG Strategy and Advisory

  • Environment, Health, and Safety Compliances
  • Sustainability goals, Strategy and Roadmap: Peer Benchmarking
  • Climate Change Strategy: Net Zero and Carbon offset
  • ESG KPIs, Target Setting
  • ESG - Responsible Investment

Reporting and Engagement

  • Sustainability Reports and website disclosures: GRI, BRSR, IR etc
  • BRSR Reporting
  • GHG Computation
  • Communication and investor relationships
  • Assurance Services

ESG Integration

  • ESG Risks and Opportunities
  • Investment Screening and Monitoring
  • Process Integration: matrix, dashboards, and documentation

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